My Natural Makeup Look | Fenty Beauty

These are some of the makeup products I always reach for when doing my makeup routine. Since summer definitely turned up this year, I haven't really been using as much product as usual and have adopted a less is more approach.

I've recently begun to embrace a more natural makeup look.

I like my face BEAT. If I’m going to put makeup on I want people to know it’s on. I suppose it’s a side effect of never really having access to make-up that catered to me. I’d gotten used to (and am still used to) going to department stores and local pharmacies and not finding my foundation shade, let alone a concealer shade remotely close to mine. I had to put of lashings of eyeshadow to get even the faintest impression of colour to show up on my skin. Now as the make-up industry has become more diverse and more and more brands are beginning to embrace people of darker complexions I had a whole world of makeup products available to me and honey, I went to town.

Recently, however, I’ve begun to embrace minimal make-up, focusing on perfecting the art of a natural looking base. Using everyday makeup products for a no-fuss face. This was no easy process. You see, it got to the point where I felt naked without my winged eyeliner and foundation. I’d start off well with good intentions but my hands would keep sliding brushes and glosses across my skin until before I knew it, I had a full face. I couldn’t help myself. There was so much to try, eyeshadow shades I hadn’t used yet, new foundation techniques. Then out came Fenty Beauty, a line that catered to us dark girls, and championed a more natural and glowing face.

Fenty Beauty isn’t a line for those who want their face beat to the gods. It champions a more subtle, natural flawless finish, where skin actually feels like skin. Something I really wasn’t used to and something I’m now beginning to embrace.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a full face and I will still continue to experiment with makeup. Let me know whether you like your face beat to the gods or whether you prefer a barely-there face.

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