NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review - Oily Skin

I have been searching for my perfect everyday foundation for ages, which is why when NARS released their new Natural Radiant Longwear foundation I was really excited to try it. I usually stay away from NARS as it's not known as a good brand for us oily skin girls, but I'd seen a horde of positive reviews and was very impressed with their extended 33 shades so I went off to Mecca to buy my very first NARS foundation.

NARS Radiant Longwear retails for $78 NZD which is on the expensive side. The packaging is nice and sleek which is what I'd expect from such an expensive foundation and it comes with a pump! You get 1 fluid oz which is pretty standard.

What's it Promising?

This is a medium to full, buildable coverage. It promises a 16-hour fade resistant wear that is both fade resistant and breathable. It says that it's a foundation that looks better after each passing hour. (I guess we'll see about that) It is transfer-resistant, sweat resistant and doesn't oxidise. This is a radiant foundation so it doesn't have a matte finish but a satin finish that is meant to look just like skin.

Overall sounds like a stand up foundation, but does it walk the walk? Let's find out.

No Foundation                                 After Application


I used a beauty blender to apply the foundation. It took around three pumps for a full face, full coverage. I usually only buy matte foundations so it felt a little strange because it doesn't dry into the skin, it stays looking wet on your face.

The foundation was really easy to spread around my face and sank in really nicely. It did feel quite lightweight even though I did put quite a bit on. I used an oil control primer and baked after application. I set my face with my Mac Studio Fix Plus powder and used the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray.


The first time I wore this foundation, I really put it through a lot, I went hiking. I wore it from 7am to 10:30 pm, a good 15 and a half hours and I can tell you now it didn't last that long. To be fair, it had taken quite a beating, but 2 hours in and it was already sliding off my face. It's definitely not sweat proof and it transferred like HEYLL. But that was a tough challenge for any foundation, so I also gave it a shot during a normal day too.

For this blog post, I put it on at 9am and kept it on while I ran errands and did some work from home. Again, it performed terribly. At 12 o'clock I was looking a hot mess. You could have fried eggs on my face. I'd noticed around my mouth and forehead there had been a little separation and there were literal pools of oil around my nose, mouth, eyebrows and chin. Gross.

After a Touch up

At 1:40 pm I noticed more of the same, except I was even oilier around my T Zone. I touched up and It looked as good as new, if not a little cakey.

By 6pm my whole face was drenched. I looked absolutely terrifying, I even grossed myself out. My face very very heavy and I could just feel the foundation sliding down my face. Not a good time. As you can see from the photo, it also looked quite cakey and brought out a lot of texture from my face.

Final Thoughts

When I first put it on, I loved this foundation. I was pretty confident I'd found my new everyday foundation. It looked great, the colour match was perfect, it felt lightweight and it didn't cake on. However, this was short lived. I always worry with foundations that promise "radiant" or "glow" and I was right with this one. For a foundation that promises to look better the longer it's on it performed diabolically. It didn't make it 2 hours before it started separating and looking like I'd poured olive oil on my face.

I've noticed that this foundation seems to behave differently on everyone's skin. When it's freshly applied, it looks amazing. The colour match is beautiful and it really does look just like skin. For a $78 foundation, I was expecting a much better performance. 

I think if you have dry or normal skin, this foundation will be perfect for you, but if you've got oily or combination skin, it's a no from me.

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